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Monday, May 16, 2005

Dionysius and Origen Complain of Tampering.

According to many historians, deliberate alteration of scripture was rife throughout the Christian world as various sects sought to legitimize their particular slant of doctrine. Daniel-Rops claims that the scriptures were subject to numerous outrages changes.

One of the most learned instructors and prolific writers of early Christianity was Origen who I mentioned previously. He also complained of the inaccuracies between different manuscripts of the same books or letters and wrote:

"Today the fact is evident, that there are many differences in the manuscripts, either through the negligence of certain copyists, or the perverse audacity of some in correcting the text." (1)

The ancient historian, Eusebius, wrote that Dionysius, the Bishop of Corinth around 170 A.D., complained that even his letters were being tampered with. Eusebius quotes him as saying:

"When my fellow-Christians invited me to write letters to them I did so. These the devil's apostles have filled with tares, taking away some things and adding others. For them the woe is reserved. Small wonder then if some have dared to tamper even with the word of the Lord Himself, when they have conspired to mutilate my own humble efforts." (2)

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